Solarlux Netherlands

Nijverdal, The Netherlands



Façade and Climate Concept

The new approach to double façades



The new branch of Solarlux Aluminium Systems in the Netherlands presents an innovative façade and climate concept with the optimised combination of building structure, façade, and technical installations. Solarlux as an “active user” values a high comfort level and maximum potential of user activity, while minimising the use of energy consuming technical infrastructure.


An innovative double façade was created, based on the standard window systems by Solarlux. Both the exterior and the interior skin can be opened in different constellations – up to a full opening to the outside. The entire building is conditioned by geothermal energy









Solarlux Aluminium Systeme
GmbH, Bissendorf, Germany

Wolfgang Herich, Osnabrück
Van der Linde Architecten, Zutphen

Scope of work
Climate and façade concept
Planning coordination
Support of execution planning
Product development



Movie (Youtube)

“Baptism” (imagine blog)

Elevation (SOLARLUX / SL Co2mfort-Fassade)

The closed facade functions as solar collector

Working on the balcony

Inside the cavity (SOLARLUX / SL Co2mfort-Fassade)


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