Sparkasse Vorderpfalz

Ludwigshafen, Germany



Refurbishment of Façade and Installations “Without staining the carpet”

Winner of Reskinning Award 2010



The goal of this project was to bring this structure, built in the 1970s, to current level in terms of energy consumption and user comfort. The interior had been refurbished shortly before, thus the procedure had to be conducted without negative impact on the use of the building. It had to be done primarily from the outside.


A second skin, made of steel and glass, was added to the façade. The cavity thus created provided the space to retrofit the original façade and technical installations. This building process took place while the building was in operation and demanded each floor to be vacated for only eight working days.


The new climate concept takes advantage of the cavity. During winter, decentralised ventilation devices use preheated air from the double façade, whereas in summer fresh air is lead directly from the outside into the interior and used air is extracted through the cavity.








Sparkasse Vorderpfalz

General planner
Evers Ingenieurgesellschaft

Climate engineer
Balck und Partner, Heidelberg

Scope of work
Concept, Design
reference details
verification of workshop drawings


March 24th 2010 this project has been awarded
the international “Re-Skinning Award” in the
category “large commercial”

Elevation before refurbishment

Elevation after refurbishment

Climate concept summer

Climate concept winter



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